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Team Lead
System Desinger


Drawing inspiration from the beautiful art style of Friends VS. Friends by Brainwash Gang, and the competitive nature of the Mario Party series, comes Candybalism - a mature multiplayer board game where players must eat or be eaten! The objective is to obtain the coveted golden gumdrop by using a series of cards to gain advantages and bring the gumdrop back to your base. The player with the most gumdrops at their base by the end of 10 rounds wins!




Competitive Multiplayer


3D printing, resin, felt, cotton fabric, cards, and dice


Board Game

Pastel Gradient
TP Worm Inteactive.png


Mannix Zervas

Christian Wheeler

Delaney Cawthron

Leila Chai

Emilie Jones

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Pastel Gradient


Pastel Gradient


Contributions information

Team Lead

  • Led a team of artists and designers to create an original board game

  • arranged weekly meetings and playtesting events

  • worked with my team through several iterations of gameplay balancing 

System Designer

  • Designed and put together a rule book

  • Went through several iterations of the rule book with the team 


During the project, my main responsibility was to create the rulebook and finalize the mechanics for the game. We drew inspiration from the innovative movement system of the piece pack game worm derby, which we wanted to keep as one of the central pillars of our game. Our aim was to ensure that movement played a crucial role in the game and facilitated combat and strategy. We also wanted the game to be chaotic, so we decided to make players fight over a finite resource. As an additional layer to the game, I proposed that the type of card a player would receive would be dictated by the end position of their worm, rather than the piece that was finally placed. This added a new level of strategy to the game, as players had to carefully consider where they landed, lest they fall into a trap. 

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