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FrozenBlood Cathedral.png

Frozen Blood Cathedral


3D artist


Inspired by the Gothic horror style of Bloodborne, this environment demonstrates what happens when an old cathedral is left to the howling winter winds. The creation of this environment took place in a ten week period with a focus on asset creation and world building. 




3D Enviornment Art


Unreal Engine 5, Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Premier Pro




Asset Creation

Props and Foliage

The main props of this environment were the two types of headstones and the dead trees. I decided to use these assets to decorate my landscape to create a eerie feeling for my environment. I wanted the player to get the same haunting feeling as if they were standing alone in a graveyard at night. Additionally, I utilized lamp posts on the edge of the main path to emphasize the dichotomy between the safety of the path and the dangerous misty darkness that swallows the rest of the forest. 

Modular Cathedral

In order to achieve the grandiose nature of this imposing Gothic cathedral, I decided to split the model apart into modular pieces. Each piece was modeled in Maya and then assembled and textured in Unreal Engine 5. Materials were pulled from stock online resources and then edited in Photoshop to become seamless textures. 


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