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Team Lead

Unreal Engineer


As part of a SCADpro team of 18 interdisciplinary designers, CBS Sports tasked us with creating a series of AR graphics for Super Bowl LVIII. This was a 10-week, in-depth, collaborative project.




Augmented Reality Realtime Graphics


Unreal Engine


Realtime brodcasts


NEON BLITZ (Drive Summary)

High Concept


During their previous Super Bowl, CBS had attempted to implement the AR drive summary concept and described it as their "holy grail". Becuase of this as Unreal team lead I had a high priority in getting it working and, after 10 weeks of hard work, the team and I were ready to pitch their concept of how an AR drive summary might work.

The Neon Blitz is an exhilarating spectacle that epitomizes the thrill and anticipation that football fans feel during the Super Bowl. It all starts with the rolling out of the red carpet and poker chips raining down onto the field, each one representing a play in the drive. The Neon Blitz then presents a recap of the scoring drives that led to the touchdown, with electrifying neon tubes outlining the drive summary in a fresh and exciting way. Finally, we come to the grand finale, where fireworks light up the sky as the final poker chip drops, symbolizing the scoring drive. The name of the player who made the touchdown is then displayed in a grand graphic that provides information about the drive.


Contributions and Concept

Contributions information

  • I led a team of 7 interdisciplinary designers, including animators, Unreal Engineers, and 3D modelers.

  • I served as the point of contact between the Unreal team and project leadership, which involved professors and CBS representatives.

  • It was my responsibility to update the CBS team on our progress during our check-in meetings.

  •  I worked as an Unreal Engineer on the Neon Blitz drive chart, while also collaborating with the animators to help implement their animations.​


Media Recognition

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