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The Blue Forest


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"The Blue Forest" is a multimedia art piece, inspired by the album art of "Lost Dreams" by the Crinkles. The project aims to create standalone art pieces that can be appreciated individually. However, when consumed in conjunction with the other forms of media, they enhance the overall experience of "The Blue Forest." The goal is to offer a comprehensive and immersive artistic encounter for those who engage with the various components of the project.




Multimedia VR Experience 


Open Brush


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Part 1: Inspiration

The Soundtrack to The Blue Forest

This project is inspired by the album "Lost Dreams" by the Crinkles, both in its music and cover art. I'm fascinated by the mysterious bioluminescent forest depicted in the album art. To explore this world, which I call "The Blue Forest," I wrote a short story based on my interpretation.

Crinkcles lost dreams.jpg

Part 2: The Story

Exploring The Blue Forest

Inspired by The Blue Forest's beauty, I wrote a short story. It follows Romana, a ten-year-old girl who, after her mother's death, finds solace in this strange world. Through her journey, she learns to cope with her loss.

To immerse myself in the story, I listened to songs that reflected each scene. I incorporated bolded song titles throughout the narrative, allowing readers to experience the same influence they had on my writing.

Please find the complete story below. I recommend reading it once without music and then giving it another read while listening to the bolded songs.

Part 3: Immersion

What is it like to be inside The Blue Forest?

To further immerse myself in The Blue Forest, I recreated the world using Open Brush, a 3D drawing platform in VR. Drawing inspiration from the album art and my story, I aimed to create an immersive experience that allows users to step into my interpretation of this world. Using Open Brush, I not only entered the world myself but also witnessed it being built around me. The final result is displayed below.

Part 4: Outcome

Creating a new kind of storytelling

I created a multimedia experience featuring various pieces of media that can be enjoyed individually or in combination.

The experience includes:

The Blue Forest Short Story: A written narrative that explores the world of The Blue Forest, following the journey of Romana as she copes with her mother's passing.

The Blue Forest Album: An album that inspires the overarching story and complements the narrative. Each song corresponds to a specific scene or emotion in the story.

The Blue Forest Virtual Reality (VR) Experience: Using Open Brush, a 3D drawing platform in VR, I recreated The Blue Forest. This allows users to step into the world and witness its construction firsthand.

These individual pieces can be enjoyed separately, but they are also designed to be experienced together, enhancing the immersion and depth of The Blue Forest universe.

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